Production Site analytics (outsourcer level)
ClikView report
Quality feedback analytics (client account level)
ClikView report
Online Quality complaint form
Subtopic 1
Request ticketing
Reprint / issue resolution
File download
New customer file request
Reprint generation
Penalty allocation
Production site penalty
Freelancer penalty
Discount / voucher generation
ADV approval
Customer approval
Store voucher on account for next order
History analysis
Order history
Customer history
Carrier management rules
Accreditations compliance
ISO9001 Non-conformance
ISO12647 Production site status
PEFC Traceability
Sales administration
Order financial account management
Order management and unlocking
Financial exposure controle for Exagroup
Auto account lock or notification if withdrawal of Coface Guarantees
Coface API integration required
Directors approval for extra financial exposure
Credit control and customers reminders
Automated reminders of overdue invoices
Manual two way communication for Platinum clients
Automated report csv generated daily and emailed
Discount approval
Automation rules
Ability to apply discount at item level within an order
Territory invoicing configuration
Ability to invoice by different cycles
Apply different Taxation rules
Multi-currency support
Report generation
Reseller report export from front end
Back office user report export inspired from selection criterias from Exafab
Sage/ SAP integration
Third party integrations
JP Morgan
Manage at order level
Breakdown per item lines within an order
Multi-modal order management
Synchronicity of values between front and back
More automation of repetitive and mundane tasks
End user autonomy on account configuration
Edit bank details
Upload approval documents
Secure storage of sensitive documents
Receiving payments
Payment platform(s) integration
Deferred payments
Manual approval
Bank transfer
API integration?
Direct debit
DD Status / Account locking based on API call?
Integration with an API that would allow to check company status
Auto archiving to data warehouse for inactive accounts
Auto archiving of orders and jobs data for inactive accounts
Business Analytics
Purchase analytics
ExaHa for outsource purchase costs
Compare forecasted spend vs actual
ExaRemun for Freelancer costs
Compare forecasted spend vs actual
Expedito for transport costs
Compare forecasted spend vs actual
ROI Analytics
Analytics to support decision making
QlikView data analysis
Decrease release speed for new dashboards
BO Product configuration cost/sale
Add "produits negoce" cost config
UI Configuration when adding production site
Upload of csv file containing purchase costs for large configuration
J+5 reporting target for Cimpress Finance
Automate process
Gang specific cost calculation
Multi-currency support throughout
Dynamic currency conversion (fluctuation risk in data analysis)
Configurable exchange rate (yearly like Cimpress)
MCP Integration
Apollo to MCP SKU and product option mapping
Order submission
MCP Postbacks to update Exa back end
Forced order production requirements / enforce constraints
Constrain items dissociation
File transfer
Personalised quotes and products
API Integration into Apollo
Order selection for ganging
Status change in Apollo BO when order selected for ganging
Order categorisation, grouping and preflight operator allocation
Email template manager
File manager (upload and download)
Production sites UI
Work to lists
Shipping screen
Order update screen
Paper Database and constraint manager (tags)
Performance analytics
Production site
Freelance preflight operators
SLA Target vs actual
Workflow(s) data and files exchange
Smart Gang
Dalim Twist
User manager and privileges sync from Apollo BO
Operators work periods management
Proofing selection
Soft proofing
Hard proofing
Proof shipping
Auto preflight reports on front
Production category definition
Off shelf
Production specification sheet
Carrier upgrade to compensate production delays
Rush option sell price upgrade
New products / new options dashboard
Order reconciliation and allocation of production site by delivery address
Products management
Product hierarchy
Commercial Families
Item Families
Product families
Production plant forcing
Tags and options
Finishing options
Material options
Material Weight options
Printing Types options
Additional options
Size ranges
BOM Integration
Backend to Front end text mapping / PIM
Price calculator
Wide format
Upload static pricing spreadsheet for configuration
Multi-brand / multi-country support
Price editing online (back functionality)
Apply discounts or upsales
Production plant holiday / closure management
Copy / Duplicate / transfer products
Duplicated pricing discrepancy comparison
Auto SLA update for large quantity wide format
Masterprint marketplace integrated
Customer relations
CMS integration Sugar
Review Order information
Review Client information
Review all activity data (production and customer)
Manage Discounts
Order cancellation
Zendesk integration
Quality Metrics
Front ergonomy
Front demographic tailoring
Backend demographic classification
Client subset experiment
Bespoke pricing
Client management
Region allocation
Silver / Gold / Platinum
Demographic group
New accounts approval
Streamlining of process / decrease number of clicks
High responsiveness between CRM and BO
Chat integration
Decrease clicks to order
Exa Services more prominent on home
Front search facility
Buying pattern analytics / end user behaviour