Student Ambassador Program

Student Ambassador Program
by de Bono Consulting
SSV consultation with Dean of Students
SSV recruit and interview most promising candidates
Information That We Need
Information That is Missing
Sources for Getting any Missing Information
Develop a communications strategy with SSV's
Implement practical and creative programs
Actively drive brand awareness
Drive RC recommendations, product use and loyalty through UFP
Be the eyes & ears of RC at the school and VMTH
Develop & manage budget
Be proactive and introduce self to decision makers
Guelph meeting
Monthly SSV webinars
Access to Royal Canin Academy
Product training
Facilitate and assist at SSV visits
Maintain bulletin board
Evaluate all opportunities that might actively promote RC
Deliver scientific and product literature to decision makers
Reach out to interns, residents and VMTH vet techs
Monitor and report any product shipment issues to SSV
Flash drive with key product and nutrition files
Clinical Nutrition Encyclopedias
Interactive web platform for vet students (Facebook?)
Bi-annual stipend
Free food for personal pets
Professional mentorship with SSV's