Laughter Out of Place - Donna M. Goldstein

Laughter Out of Place
By Donna M. Goldstein
Chapter Six
From Boys to Men: Normative
Masculinization & Heterosexuality
Boys expected to be "Active
Seducers" of Women in Brazil
Sexuality in Context
The Civilization Desires
Food Consumption
Chapter Seven
Evening of Terror
Black Humor As The Only Response
The Legal Universe And Rape
Sexuality is a Key Metaphor
used in everyday language.
Sexual Teasing and Bullying are seen as
normal, allowable and considered almost friendly
Bitch = Bicha are someone who is sexually inexperience for shy
It is considered unhealthy for men to go too long without sex: it can provoke insanity
Public Flirtation in Women = A Game
Sexual Aspects of Life
Sex Driven Tropical Paradise = Brazil
Ignorance = Punishment
Women enjoy the attention they recieve
Comer = To Eat - To Consume another person
Status Quo
Dar = To Give - Person who gives is the sexually passive person
Galinhas - Women who have had too many sexual partners
Eater - Man Symbol as Provider
Rape of a child is cause for murder in Shantytowns
Downplay trauma with Humor
Battling Mothers and Daughters