The Titanic

The Titanic
First class,Second class,Third class
first class for rich
second class for medium money people
third class not as much money
The People
1,316 passengers
a lot of passengers were migrants
705 survived the sinking
The Sinking
first went down by stern then cracked in half
some people didn't find out how the great ship sank
boiler rooms on fire
World Records
it was the biggest ship built
it carried more lifeboats then most ships
the ship was also 882ft.&9in.
it cost 7.5 million dollars to build
the lifeboats were 40 feet long
The Jobs
stewards attend the needs of passengers
the ship runned on coal that people put in pits
there are mucisions who are entertainment
Back then and Now
airplanes have now replaced ships for long transportation
also now there is no classes
there is also more safety on ships now
there is still boats for cruises
Why did People Go
some people wanted to start a new life
some went to make them better than other people
some people went so they can get a job on the ship
The Deck
but no matter what you have to were nice clothes
second class only allowed on certain times
only first and second class was allowed on deck