Collaboration with KS

Collaboration with KS
What was accomplished
We were able to co edit state roads in Douglas and Jefferson Counties to areed upon specifications
The first 2 days were spend trouble shooting a technical problem with the editing interface.
This turned out to be a problem with data in a very limited area that was affecting the editor
I was able to find the source of error and continue editing with Ken Nelson of DASC
We should have been able to complete the editing with the amount of time we had but due to the data error the schedule was delayed
Ken is interested in continuing the editing over Douglas and Johnson county so that he and his staff can learn more about the Potlatch editing interface.
What is going be be done
Ken and staff will continue editing the Douglas and Johnson county state roads using he Potlatch interface
Once KS editing is complete, the USGS will convert the OSM database to a geodatabase, and crosswalk the data back into the Kansas state schema
The roads edited during this pilot project will eventually be integrated into the states roads geodatabase.
How may KS use this type of collaborative tool in the future?
The OSM software stack hosting roads data may be used to allow non technical staff to edit road surface type
Ken Nelson may be interested in assessing how this type of OSM interface using Potlatch may be used by KS to collect structures data in the future.