Story Mapping using 5W2H

About Story Mapping using 5W2H
technique for backlog visualization introduced by Jeff Patton
Story mapping consists of ordering user stories along two independent dimensions
horizontal axis
high-level features of product
arranges user activities
the order in which you would describe activities to explain the behavior of the system
vertical axis
their user stories
increasing sophistication of the implementation
avoid a failure mode of incremental delivery
focus on value
form the basis of product backlog
for organizing our thoughts
focus on user journey
form a common understanding of ideas
problem: understanding the same things in different ways
come to a common opinion
shared Understanding
to see the bigger picture
plan MVP and further releases
Product Owner
UX designer
Product Team
Business representative
Facilitator (Scrum master)
define Goals
define value
define Tasks (features). These are actions that a user would do at once without interrupting to do something else
focus on the users’ actions
define Steps. They should be the smallest reasonable pieces for the users while finishing their tasks.
+ optional and alternative routes
Test it!
Brainstorm session:: What would the user do with the product?
real board with stickers
special tools
available 24/7 for all participants
you know RoadMap
CJM is clear
Team is formed
as soon as possible
according INVEST
User Story Mapping. Discover the Whole Story, Build the Right Product By Jeff Patton
My MindMap: A few notes about software requirements