Abortion and Rights to a child

Abortion and Rights to a child
Sanctitcy of life
ALL life is sacred
Strong sanctity of life
'So God created humankind in his image'
Blessed by God
Given dominionship over world
Weak sanctity of life
Extraordinary means as a justification of killing
Applies the Christian principle of love and compassion
Justified Abortion
Double Effect (Save mothers life but means Aborting the foetus)
Following 'Defend the Innocent' Primary Precept
You cannot Abort a child as it cannot defend for its self or use reason
Quality of life
Disability in the foetus
They can be Aborted if screened and found to be disabled (physical or mental handicaps)
Some people dislike this as the "disabled" child might live a full and loving life despite of the disability
If every one did this there would be no "disabilities " in the human race
Equality and Disability
People who are disables should not be discriminated against in any way
Allow disabled people to live a full life
Pro-choice / Pro-life
Mothers choice in abortion
The people involved concern
Against Abortion
wants child to be born
Rights to a child
Natural Law
Primary precept
Inability to have a child
Ways to get around infertility
In-Vitro Fertilisation - outside the human body using sperms of the husband or donor and the egg of the wife or a donor egg.
When donor sperm is used
Artificial Insemination by Husband , sperm injected into wives reproductive tract