Introduction to the Doctrine of Humanity
Importance of the Doctrine of Humanity
Images of Man
Man as a Machine
Man as an Animal
Man as a Sexual Being
Man as an Economic Being
Man as a Pawn of the Universe
Man as a Free Being
Man as a Social Being
The Christian View of Man
The Origin of Humanity
The Meaning of "Origin"
The Status of Adam and Eve
Views of Human Beginning
Naturalistic Evolution
Fiat Creation
Deistic Evolution
Theistic Evolution
Progressive Creationism
The Age of Man
Four Conservative Views
The Problem of the Neolithic Elements in Genesis 4
The Theological Meaning of Human Creation
The Image of God in the Human
The Relevant Scripture Passages
Views of the Image
The Substantive View
Relational Views
The Functional View
Evaluation of the Views
Conclusions Regarding the Nature of the Image
Implications of the Doctrine
The Constitutional Nature of the Human
Basic Views of the Human Constitution
Biblical Considerations
Philosophical Considerations
An Alternative Model: Conditional Unity
Implications of Conditional Unity
The Universality of Humanity
All Races
Both Sexes
People of All Economic Statuses
The Aged
The Unborn
The Unmarried