The 11 skills you need to become a millionaire

The 11 skills you need to become a millionaire
2. Sales
Selling or being sold
Everything around you has been sold
4. Time Management
Prioritizing > don't go mowing the lawn
Keep your energy for your most important projects
6. Organizing
To be well-organized
Chinese Teacher
Business decisions come from your desk
Very Important Person
She likes tulip
8. Money Management
You can only be responsible of a lot of money if you can take care of a small amount
Know our financial standing
10. Networking
Building relationships
You must be a reliable source in order to attract reliable sources
Big things > employing those who can do what you can't ou don't want to do
11. Leadership
Take responsability and initiative
Inspiring others that they can do the unimaginable
9. Philanthropy
Take care of others / employees
understand motivation, body language, tone of voice
The secret of living is giving
Charity > not only giving but participating
Personal opinion
strange but interesting article
not so easy
7. Goal-Setting and Planning
Plan your work in advance
Follow the 5 P's : Proper planning prevents poor performance
Opportunities only come to those who are prepared
5. Product and Service Innovation
example : mc do didn't invent anything
3. Marketing
Tell the world what you do in the clearest way possible
Your reputation is your best advertisement
1. Communication
On the phone
totally different type of communication
skills to pay the bills
average person does not realize them
not impossible
cultivate these skills by meeting people