How to Start a Successful Vlog

How to Start a Successful Vlog
Effectiveness of vlogging
People are now using YouTube as a video sharing platform to upload video content. This allows easy sharing of information, comfortable communicating with viewers and will give you a large platform where you can represent yourself. This gives people the freedom to easily share videos with friends, family and the rest of the world.
Video-sharing has become more enjoyable, allowing individuals to watch and listen to the videos and music they love, targeting a broad audience through them.
YouTube has made it extremely easy to not only upload and change to your videos but gives you the chance to analyze the content so that it can be tailored to your audience.
In addition to that, YouTube also supports a feature called live streaming where one can stream live video feed. Subscribers get live updates on everything being shared, allowing live communication with the audience as it happens.
It is the reason why people from around the world prefer a vlog as their career as it provides them with not only a platform to represent themselves but also a chance to earn a living (but don’t quit your day job just yet).
Tips for creative vlogging
Here are some vlog tips which you can use to become a successful vlogger.
These tips will help you to find the right way to move ahead to get a better-targeted audience, create content and potentially make some money. You can incorporate these tips based on the kind of content you intend to share.
1. See other vlogs
It’s always a great idea to get a glimpse of the market you wish to explore. In the case of vlogging, you should get to know other fellow vloggers and work to identify what they are sharing and how they are sharing.
This will help create an idea of how you wish to show your content and hopefully give you an idea of the type of material you plan on creating.
2. Video channel
Create your channel for a specific group of people with particular interest levels. This is great for organizing subscribers. Youtube has options to categorize content into various playlists, so the viewer watching knows exactly where to find the content or video in which they are interested. Whenever you wish to post content related to those interest groups, playlists will prove to be very useful.
3. Create a banner and logo
Vloggers are still businesses at their core. They create videos to monetize them and also connect with the audience. So you have to think about branding. Creating the right banner and logo will be a tremendous start.
4. Pick the best username you can
People spend a lot of time watching videos online. It makes sense to find a username that’s right for you and your content. Using capital letters, making it short and sweet and keeping it connected to the content you want to share will make it easier for the individual to find.
5. Purchase good equipment
It’s important to make a smart choice when choosing a vlogging camera. This choice will determine the kind of content you create. You should choose a camera which both suits your budget and also the kind of video quality required for your video sharing platform.
In many cases, you don’t need a fancy vlog camera to start vlogging. Your smartphone is an excellent option if you’re starting, but as you progress, a good camera and specializing equipment will improve the quality of your vlogs.
Avoid using the low-quality equipment. Ideally, you want to purchase the best camera you can afford. A good video camera that shoots in full HD or has excellent image stabilization will work.
One of the most suitable cameras is the Canon G7X Mark ii Powershot. It provides a fantastic quality video for vlogging that fits within the budget of most vloggers. It has fantastic auto-focus for those close-ups and has a high front facing flip screen that comes in very handy. If you have a bigger budget, the Panasonic LX10 with 4K shooting would be worth a look.
A good computer set up with the right video editing software will make the editing process smooth and professional. A great video editing solution to purchase/download would be Final Cut Pro.
6. Try using a Tripod
It would be a great idea to use a tripod with your vlog camera. This will help avoid jerking movement while taking video shots or streaming the live feed.
This is encouraged as movement can distract the attention of our audience.
A tripod will create distance between you and the camera, allowing the viewer to get some perspective on where the scene is taking place.
Most Vloggers carry their camera in hand which creates some difficulties for those who have smaller T-rex arms. Make sure to get a universal tripod that can be rested somewhere for those perfect long distance shots and better view-ability.
Investing in a gimbal will take your vlog to the next level and significantly help improve the quality, making it far more professional.
7. Create an introductory video
Secure your own YouTube channel with a name and then make sure you create an introductory video. Every vlogger needs to realize that the introduction video is crucial to their success. You need to show people the type of content expected and how often you wish to post. The information here is all critical!
8. Engage the audience
Try to build a community with your audience. If you keep on delivering content with no engagement, the viewers won’t feel valued and move on to the next creator.
It is essential to keep interacting with the audience as much as possible, by replying to comments or creating polls.
This will bring out more sharing and commenting on videos and create a personal relationship with the viewers. You can even ask for suggestions or recommendations for future content.
9. Stick to your topics
There are many vlog channels out there, so stick to the stuff you like and enjoy. Picking a niche is a perfect idea if you want to create a good quality vlog! If you like traveling, then create a niche around “How to’s”, for example, ‘how to become an expat‘ or ‘how to make friends in a new city‘. This will really help blend what you enjoy doing with your potential audience. Of course, you can stray away from your regular topics from time to time, but be consistent, people are creatures of habit and like consistency!
10. Create & upload a vlog schedule
People expect you to upload on a daily basis, and that’s what you should do. Upload as often as possible, but at the same time, you need to be creative. Recycling content doesn’t help anyone; you want to be original.
11. Build a community
You should build up a community of other vloggers. This will help in the sharing of ideas and help you remain relevant and updated with the recent updates in the vlogging community.
Building a community of vloggers would encourage collaborations that could lead to the expansion of your audience and fast-track the growth of your channel.
12. Don’t over think it
Many vloggers spend too much time thinking about what they will share and how to make that interacting and creative. You should have specific plans, but should not spend too much time over them. It creates confusion and can even lead to issues over the longer run.
My advice: Just start!
13. Study the analytics
Vlogging is all about high-quality content and sharing content that people like. That’s why you need to study the analytics. See what people enjoy and create similar content whenever you can.
You do need to be innovative, the more you focus on innovation, the better the results can be.