How To Be A Beauty Guru on YouTube

How To Be A Beauty Guru on YouTube
1.Light It Up
Beauty Vlogs need to have great lighting so that everyone can clearly see what you are doing and how amazing it looks. Make sure you have even light over your whole face by ‘front lighting’ your vlog. Front lighting means having a light source right in front of you.
Depending on your budget, you can either use a window as a front light or buy a diva ring light.
Using a Window: Face the window while you vlog and be careful that the camera’s shadow is not visible in your shot. Avoid using a window the sun is shining directly into. You want softer, more diffused, light for a beauty vlog.
Using a Ring Light: Mount your camera either inside the ring or right behind it on a tripod. Ring lights are powerful options for illuminating your entire face, and they are very popular with makeup vloggers.
Front lighting can make you appear flat against your background, so it is also a good idea to set up a backlight behind you to make you pop out. Setting up lights on either side of you can also help add dimension to your shot.
2.Organize Your Makeup
Having to search for makeup or reach across to where you are storing your curling iron will kill your vlogging momentum. Creating a great look is the fun part of beauty vlogging, and probably the part you want to focus on. Not looking for your missing brush. The best way to set yourself up for a beauty vlog is at a desk or table where you can lay everything out neatly right in front of you.
3.Alter Your Background
Making your vlog look more professional can be as easy as dressing up your background. You do not want there to be a lot of clutter behind you, but you don’t want to shoot with your back to a plain beige wall either. One simple way to keep your background beautiful, but not distracting, is to use a backdrop. Just hang a sheet or other piece of fabric behind you. You can even use patterns and change your backdrop to match your makeup in different videos.
Another great way to disguise the room you are vlogging in, and make sure nothing behind you distracts your viewers, is to blur your background. You really stand out when your background is blurry and you are in perfect focus.
4.Be Audible
You have a lot to say, so make sure people can hear you. Most cameras do not have great microphones, so you will need to use an external mic. To see what kinds of options you have make sure to read and watch “Best Microphone for YouTube - Top 5 Mics for YouTube Videos”.
If you do not have access to an external mic then you may be able to get by without one for a while using software. Make sure there is no background noise competing with your voice, and download a free audio editing program called Audacity from Using Audacity you will be able to improve a mediocre audio recording from your camera and make it usable. This is a popular option among YouTube gamers who record both video and audio from their webcams, but there is no reason it should not be useful for beauty gurus too.