Successful Students

Distributes Federal $'s To LEAs
Distributes $'s to States
Facilitates Authentic Collaborative Engagement
Successful Students
State Government / Legislation
Accepts Federal Funding & Funding Conditions
Meets Federal Requirements
Takes Legislative Action to Improve Student Outcomes
Motivated by Economic Productivity of State
Ensures that All Student Populations are Appropriate Served
Inclusive of Field in Decision-Making
Mitigates Barriers to Education Reform and Funding
Local Education Agency Administration
Recruits and Retains High-Quality Instructional Staff
Provides Instructional Oversight and Leadership
Narrates Fiscal Accountability Based on Local Student Needs
Primary Conduit of Stakeholder Collaboration
Oversees Development of Appropriate Programs Including:
Curriculum and Instruction
Mitigation of Barriers such as Poverty
Conduit Between Federal, State, & Local Expectations
Local Education Agency Certificated and Classified Staff
Certificated: Responsible for High-Quality Teaching
Both: Collaboratively Meet Needs of All Children as Individuals
Both: View Students as "Ours", not "My"
Certificated: Assessment Informed Instructional Practices
Both: Able to Function at High Level of Professionalism without Reliance on Union
Certificated: View Work as Profession, Not an Hourly Job
Philanthropic Foundations
Conduit Between High Quality Educational Research and Field
Collaborative with LEA within Boundaries of Funding Expectations
Provides Sufficient Support and Research-Based Intervention to be Sustainable by LEA
Provide Grants to Fund Key Interventive Elements
Understands Relationship Between All Stake-holders
Understands and Values All Stake-Holder Perspectives
Liaison to Public (National, State, Local) to...
Explain Educational Verbiage and Jargon
Celebrate Positive Progression (Student Success)
Call Attention to Needs
Fairly and Adequately Cover Education-Related Topics
Assist During Emergencies to Inform Public
Carefully Consider Source of Information
Parent Governance Group
Engaged in School Community
Accept Opportunities to Govern (School Site Council)
Advocate for Children
Present Voice to Ensure Quality and Improve Outcomes
Local Board of Trustees
Educational, not Political, Leadership
Community/LEA Liaison
Informed Decision-Making without Personal or Political Agenda
Membership Shows Matching Reflection of Community
Oversees LEA Administration without Bias
Federal Government
Categorical Funding
Consistent Requirements with Local Latitude
Commonality Amongst States
Motivated to Improve Worldwide Academic Standings
Desire to Improve National Economic Outcomes