International Beer Day

International Beer Day
Beer is one of the oldest drinks the world has ever known. International Beer Day gives fans worldwide just one more excuse to have a round on the first Friday in August.
Celebrating mankind’s common thirst for what is likely the world’s oldest and most beloved beverage is what International Beer Day is all about. Humans have been fascinated with beer since the first grains were accidentally discovered to have fermented, producing a bubbly aromatic product that someone dared to taste then drink, did not die but instead felt a lovely little buzz.
Beer has been consumed by almost every culture throughout human history. The oldest evidence of man’s obsession with brewing beer dates back to ancient Babylonia and Mesopotamia. Archaeologists have unearthed recipes for beer that were written on clay tablets in 4300 B.C.
What may be the first song about beer, “Hymn to Ninkasi”—an ode to the Sumerian goddess of beer—dates back to 1800 B.C.  and includes a recipe for a beer brewed by female priestesses.
By the Middle Ages, Christian monks were brewing beers, and introduced the use of hops. Until then, beers were brewed with local additives like dates and olive oils to add flavor.
Our collective love of beer is what Jesse Avshalomov no doubt had on his mind back in August of 2007 while he and a few friends enjoyed some conversation and brews in the beach community of Santa Cruz California.
Gather with friends and enjoy the taste of beer
Celebrate those responsible for brewing and serving beer
Unite the world under the banner of beer%2c by celebrating the beers of all nations together on a single day
In retrospect%2c Jesse’s LinkedIn profile reads he “…invented International Beer Day as an experiment in virality gone horribly right.”
Prohibition officially begins January 17, 1920
The Eighteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution made illegal the manufacture, transportation, and sale of alcohol.
Prohibition officially ends on December 5, 1933
Zero Breweries are operating in America.
Beer industry deregulation
President Jimmy Carter opens the American beer market back to craft brewers.
The number of breweries operating in America, of which 2,360 are considered craft breweries.
The number of breweries operating in America.
Beer Survey Results
More than a third of people surveyed said that, when meeting friends at a bar, beer is the beverage of choice — this tops every other option!
Two-thirds of people surveyed claim to prefer domestic beer to its imported counterpart.
How do you celebrate International Beer Day?
Celebrate International Beer Day the right way%2c with a glass (or can) of your favorite beer! Whether you like it dark%2c like%2c or sour%2c or even non-alcoholic%2c there’s always a beer out there for you!
Is today International Beer Day?
Quick! Look at the calendar! Is today the first Friday of August? If it is%2c then it’s International Beer Day. Time to pour a glass.
What are other names for beer?
Beer is commonly referred to by its brewing process%2c ingredients or sometimes by local slang terms. Some of the more common names for beer are: ale%2c brew%2c chill pop%2c hops%2c lager%2c malt%2c oil%2c stout%2c and suds.
International Beer Day Activities
A beer for every budget
We make no judgement when it comes to your taste in beer. Whether you pick up cheap macro brews on the way home from work%2c or savor craft brews at the taproom%2c we’re just happy there is a beer for every budget to enjoy on International Beer Day.
Beer. The adult beverage of choice at reunions%2c backyard cookouts%2c and get-togethers with friends and family for centuries. Someone always offers to bring the beer. We think today is a fine day to open a cold one and enjoy reminiscing about days gone by with a toast to those whose memories we love and cherish.
Another reason to drink beer
Oh%2c come on! Who doesn’t love waking up and seeing today is devoted to beer? We admit we don’t need a reason to enjoy a beer today. But knowing there are millions of beer lovers all around the world bending elbows together to enjoy a brewski makes us feel like family on International Beer Day. Remember: Drink responsibly.