Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew
Who She is
A fictional character, a sleuth in an American mystery series created by publisher Edward Stratemeyer as the female counterpart to his Hardy Boys series.
Nancy Drew’s intelligence, courage, and independence made her a popular role model for many generations of young readers.
The character first appeared in 1930. The books are ghostwritten by a number of authors and published under the collective pseudonym Carolyn Keene.
In 2012, the Girl Detective series ended, and a new series, Nancy Drew Diaries, was launched in 2013. Illustrations of the character evolved over time to reflect contemporary styles.
1930–1959: Early stories
1959–1979: Revisions at Grosset & Dunlap
1980–2003: Continuing the original series
1986–1997: Files, Super Mystery, and On Campus
2003–2012: Girl Detective and graphic novels
2013–present: Diaries