SHUT UP AND LISTEN - Hard Business Truths that Will Help You Succeed

Hard Business Truths That Will Help You Succeed
1. Hospitality
2. Know your numbers
3. The 95:5 rule
4. See/seize opportunities
5. Live your leadership
Whether you realize it or not, every successful business is built around hospitality. You have to know what this means for your business and then overcome each and every obstacle which can get in the way of providing hospitality.
Know what hospitality feels like and looks like
Find ways to take "No" out of your vocabulary
Cater to the masses, not the classes
Your numbers will dictate whether you rise to the next level or struggle endlessly. You've got to know your numbers inside and out to drive your business. It doesn't matter how good your product is – if you don't know your numbers, you'll go out of business.
Guard your working capital at all times
Be very careful about property leases
Know your numbers, as numbers never lie
Most businesses tend to be good at around 95 percent of what they do. It's that remaining 5 percent that makes all the difference. Identify what your 5 percent is and then do everything you need to do to make your business excel in those areas.
Get to know your "Five" inside and out
Find ways to identify and leverage your strengths
Partner with those with complementary strengths
Successful entrepreneurs are opportunists. Build a business that does something different, something better. If you can make the most of situations saturated in chaos and confusion, you'll do well. Success always takes time and perspective.
Prepare for both good and bad – they will come
Learn to be patient – you're gonna need it
Don't ever lose your hunger to excel
Anyone can be a leader when times are good. It's when things are bad that you have the opportunity to show what you're really made of. Work hard to steadily improve your leadership skills. Great leadership goes hand-in-hand with great businesses.
To lead, you have to start listening first
Great leaders are always great teachers
Leadership means change and change again