Get Your Shit Together - Sarah Knight

Get Your Shit Together
- Sarah Knight
About the Book
Allocate Time to Achieve Realistic Goals
Get House Proud
Harness the Power of Negative
Thinking to Improve Your Health
Learn to Cope with Your Anxiety
Maintain Your Valued Relationships
December 2016
Little, Brown and Company
This book is part of the NFGGs -
No fucks given guides
Sarah Knight
Sarah Knight spent 15 years working as a
book editor in New York City before she started
writing the NFGGs and became an "anti-guru".
Which Questions Does This Book Answer?
How to follow through with goals and promises you make to yourself
How to harness the power of negative thinking
How to get your shit together if you don't know how to get started
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Step #1
Step #2
Start with a Goal
Don't set the bar too high
Unreachable goals only discourage you
Instead, aim for realistic progress
And don't set goals based on other
people's expectations or measurements
Establish a better relationship with time
Improve your time-management skills by
understanding where you actually spend your time
Time your routine tasks
Then create a weekly schedule that takes
into account how long you actually need for
your daily tasks AND contains the things you
need to be doing to reach your goals
Step #1
Step #2
Do a one-off decluttering
session in your house
Make a plan for the long-term tidiness of your home
Break your housework up into bitesized chunks / categories
Commit to doing 1-2 chunks every other day
You probably don't need more than 20 minutes per chunk
Get Your Professional Shit Together
Step #1
Step #2
Appear confident
Ask the right questions
This is crucial for gaining the respect of others
Start by emulating your confident colleagues
Explicitly ask your boss what you
need to do to reach your professional goals
You have nothing to lose, only knowledge to gain
Change the way you think about your fitness goals
Compare how much you hate going to the
gym with how much you hate being unfit/overweight
If you hate being unfit/overweight more than
going to the gym, then clearly that's what you should do
Your health goals don't need to be radical
Set goals that really fit you -
your personality, your body, your lifestyle
Strategy #1
Strategy #2
Be proactive
Do nothing
Face the situation head on
Use this strategy when there's no
way to move on without being proactive
Always being accommodating isn't
necessarily the best way to nurture
a romantic relationship
Instead, get competitive!
Compete to be the nicest, most helpful,
most loving person in the relationship