33 Freakishly Effective Ways To Be More Productive At Work

33 Freakishly Effective Ways To Be More Productive At Work
Rethink your to-do-list
Stay on top of work with Toggl Plan’s visual overviews
Reduce time-drain from miscommunication with Grammarly
Stay organized and boost your productivity with Evernote
List your “crucial results” for the day
Eat healthy foods throughout the day to avoid energy crashes and keep your brain properly fueled
Complete tasks in batches
Conquer procrastination with the “2-Minute Rule”
Get moving!
Morning huddles with your team
Prioritize your most important tasks first
Put your phone on silent
Is that meeting really necessary?
Get out of the office
De-clutter and organize your work environment
Visualize next week this week with the “2-Hour Solution”
Wake up early
Stand more
Learn to say no
Eat the frog
Focus on one thing at a time
Delegate like a boss
Wear headphone
Give yourself less time than you think you’ll need
Read in the morning
Protect the time in your schedule to get real work done
Listen to calming sounds to help you concentrate
Replicate the body’s natural cycle
Use a “blast-off” method to dive into tasks you don’t want to do
Complete recurring tasks at the same time each day or week
Find the real, motivating reason for completing the task
Use the power of optimism
Channel the science-backed secrets of willpower
How can you use this in your day-to-day life to learn how to improve productivity at work?
Instead of spreading out data entry and reporting tasks throughout the week%2c set a block of time to knock it all out at once
Set meetings with colleagues back to back in the afternoon
Use the “2-Minute Rule” to knock out small tasks and beat procrastination
Work in 90-minute increments (using a work timer to keep track)
to keep track)
Craft a checklist for employee onboarding so that future work can be done easier and more efficiently
so that future work can be done easier and more efficiently
Answer voicemails for a chunk of time in the afternoon
Always make sure to come back to your list and finish it, though. Don’t get bogged down in these small tasks and let them derail your day by taking up more time than they should.
However, the important thing is that you are consistent with your exercise.
No agenda and goal, no meeting.
While the office is an environment that can foster collective energy and resources, it can also hinder our productivity.
Having less clutter will help you think more clearly and waste less time searching for that misplaced document.
The “2-Hour Solution” was created by Roger Seip, author of Train Your Brain for Success.
It’s a method of spending 2 hours each week for the purpose of mentally creating the next week of your life.
It gives you the time you need to start your day right. Instead of feeling rushed out of the door each morning, you’ll have more quiet time to do things you would otherwise be too distracted to do.
Feeling a little sleepy around 3pm?
Stand up!
Is your posture starting to wane?
Do you notice that your team is having trouble staying focused in meetings?
Saying “no” to something is easier said than done, but there are ways to achieve to that end without coming across as combative or crass.
At SnackNation, we use 9am-10am as “Crush” time.
During this time, we get our most challenging tasks out of the way and don’t disturb one another with questions.
You’ve undoubtedly heard that multitasking is detrimental for productivity at work.
Things like data-entry, document formatting or running errands are all going to eat away at the precious time you have during your day to get stuff done.
Wearing headphones is a simple trick that can ward off questions that are either too menial or too complex to be answered in a face-to-face interaction.
However long you think it will take you to complete a project or task, give yourself less time to complete it.
Books on business, psychology, behavioral economics and personal development are the subjects that I personally find to boost my creativity and inspiration for my day.
Sometimes a bit of music in the background can help enhance your focus.
With only so many hours in a day we must learn to work more effectively and efficiently if we want to succeed. Now take some of these tips and implement them in your working life.