IAP Featured Report - Top 9 Tips for Thriving in New York City

IAP Featured Report: Top 9 Tips for Thriving in New York City
When reaching out about opportunities
How to access opportunities in New York City where the opportunities are plentiful but the competition is strong
1. Think about what you can do. You need to seek out quality over quantity; try to target the organizations and galleries that match the art that you are producing. – Katrina
2. Don't be afraid to cold call. If you can find someone's contact information, that means they want you to contact them.
However, before you send out a letter of inquiry, make sure you draft your letter, read it over to confirm there is a specific purpose for why you are writing to that person.
3. Figure out who you are as an artist, what your work is about and what you want to do next.
This will help you understand the other artists, galleries or organizations that you best align with.
4. Persevere.
Keep doing what you’re doing and keep applying (strategically).
How to improve your chances of success during the application process
5. Read the instructions!
6. Your peers are a resource.
They can help explain to you what your strengths and needs are as an artist.
7. Read the mission statement of the organization, gallery, venue etc. that you are applying to and look at past residents.
8. Develop a writing practice about your work.
It is important to be able to talk about what you do in a way that others find engaging.
9. Even if you are not a “good” writer, it’s important to still understand and to be able to explain what you do as an artist.