5 Guiding Principles for Your Arts Admin Career

5 Guiding Principles for Your Arts Admin Career
Manage Your Time
Practice Self-Care
Stay Curious
Create Meaningful Relationships
Be Confident in Your Abilities and Have Fun!
Avoid burnout and fatigue by recognizing that you can’t accomplish everything overnight (or by yourself!) and that there are tools and systems that can help you stay organized.
Deana Haggag, President and CEO of United States Artists, writes a to-do list every Monday morning and tackles it throughout the week.
Ben Hartley, Executive Director of The National Arts Club, keeps organization top-of-mind.
Making things work better, identifying and tackling challenges, and being interested in the work that you do and the world around you are key to feeling satisfied in your job.
Pontonio stays curious by proactively keeping up with conference offerings in the field that align with her work. “If there’s something of great interest and I am not attending that conference, I will reach out to the presenter afterwards to schedule a meeting about their presentation and top takeaways.”
Artist Sharon Louden, who wears many hats in the arts including serving as the Artistic Director of the Visual Arts at Chautauqua Institution, believes that being curious means being open.
You’ll do your best work when you feel good about yourself and the value that you bring to your organization.
For Pontonio, self-care isn’t just about yoga and eating healthy, it’s about holding time for what makes you happy.
These relationships are mutually beneficial, and can help you chart and map your career path in ways you may not expect.
Establish lasting ties with peers and mentors at your own and other arts and culture organizations
It's important to forge meaningful relationships with both your co-workers and with others in the field.
Guevara is emphatic that peers make the best mentors because “we're all figuring it out together. The transparency in learning about each other's process is very validating.”
Ashley Walden Davis, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Alternate ROOTS, encourages peer-to-peer relationship building. “
In any industry, self-doubt can creep in. Don’t let it get the best of you by learning to recognize the unique voice and vision that you bring to your work.