Timeline For Work Management

2020 Timeline for Work Management
Jan 2020
Feb 2020
Mar 2020
Apr 2020
Jun 2020
Jul 2020
Set product sales status
Synchronize the flow report data
Edit the remaining amount of the secondary card stored-value card
Personal education card
Modify ID verification rules
Fix daily bugs
Aug 2020
Sep 2020
Oct 2020
Nov 2020
Dec 2020
PC version
Member grafting guide page
Generate membership download QR code
Upload picture to oss
Member 1.0 users migrate to
2.0 Batch pull unionid
Fix daily bugs
Member terminal 2.0 is online
PC end, member end 2.0 Charm Mall
sql file sorting
Fix daily bugs
Partial node authority separation
Platform account limit
Fix daily bugs
News Center Phase II
Message Center Phase II Project Deployment
Fix daily bugs
Third-party platform development
Batch delay
Separation of business venues
Member dynamic settings
Zhongjun branch front-end project deployment
Member's Mini Program Review Switch
Fix daily bugs
Member 2.0 red envelope revision
Total score account management area settings
Points reset setting
52 data import data processing
Member 2.0 authorization revision
You can only book private lessons with the coach
MyoHealth Private Cloud Synchronous Joint Commissioning
Add redis lock to member 1.0 booking course
Pause function after card transfer
52 Leave data correction script
After transferring the card, choose the original card to stop the card
Import of blank number data for private training members
Fix daily bugs
Leave data import
Renew the new card and use the old card number
Item deletion function
Written by MyoHealth Private Cloud Wiki
MyoHealth Private Cloud synchronizes data to them
MyoHealth Private Cloud Test Service Construction
Fix daily bugs
Group class schedule 2.0
Adjust the order of using cards for personal training appointments
Merchant split script
Member 2.0 third-party applet adjustment process
positioning
Member side diy configuration interface
New Wiki showdoc build
Fix daily bugs
Sign in and cast screen
Member 2.0 database joins master and slave
Card Purchase Agreement
Scanning failure count
Bind and untie finger veins,
Face, RFID card user synchronization
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