SWOT Self Analysis

SWOT Self Analysis
Hobbies Analysis
Personality analysis
Potential Analysis
Future plan
Good at persistence, patient and lasting
Timely rain
Overall view, unity of knowledge and action
Break the rules, think ahead
Do what you can, come forward
Don't be trivial, believe in everything
Social Relationships
Past achievements
Make friends with influential people
Talk with extrodinary people
Working experience
Professional background
Take part in charity
Plan and do the events for promotions
Studied in Manchester university
Outgoing and cheerful, good at dealing with people
The core of the team, know people and make good use of
Higher learning efficiency
Crisis integrated solver
Insight into the core of the event and understand what others need
Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers
Playing basketball
An idealist who values personal values and does not demand perfection
Dare to challenge and not follow blindly, and strive for innovation and breakthrough
Full of creativity, not full of art~ I don’t care about others’ vision
Outgoing and friendly, the most beautiful girl next door in the crowd
Strong speech, deep thinking
Industry choices are relatively niche, and it is a road of "less people go"
The sunrise industry, the landscape expands
Policy support, social advocacy
Take charge in important party
Be the team leader in college