How to Make Postitive Effects on Communication

Notice: Just focus on yourself
How to Make Positive Effects On Communications
3 Methods to Effective Communication
3 Talking Mistakes
5 Details to Improve Communication
1. Exaggeration
2. Direct Rejection
3. No Feedback
The Outcome
Convincing Communication
Are you saying what you want to say or what the other party wants to hear?
The most important thing is to let others recognize what you say and come into his heart
Slow down and listen carefully
Like to express, talk endlessly, optimistic, love performance
Contagion in practice
Speech is either creating results or wasting time
Introverted and low-key, super logical in doing things
Listen to the thoughts of others and communicate gently and affectionately
The goal is firm. Strong, decisive and critical
Bravely speak and act
Be willing to be a green leaf, super popular, and the best listener
I'm not rejecting you, but you didn't move me
The first measure: self-analysis, which type are you
Use encouragement and praise to get closer
The second measure: learn to empathize
The most important thing for chat is the same frequency
2. If there are results, it will move people's hearts
The third measure: dig out the demand, do what you like
The most important thing in speaking
1. Look at people first, then talk
People don’t like overly exaggerated people
Too exaggerated, others will have high expectations of you
How to avoid exaggeration
1. Have data to support your expression
2. Have a picture to prove your expression
3. Have customer witnesses to prove your expression
1. Just focus on yourself
Let the other party get more
2. Deny others without waiting for the other person to finish speaking
Don't rush to deny the other party
What kind of results do you want?
Can the other party bring you this result?
What is the purpose of his communication?
If you deny him now, can you get the result you want?
3. "Refuse to let others get it"
If you refuse to sell, you will refuse many opportunities for cooperation
1. Sit motionless, without body language
KKK rule
Be sure
Point out the shortcomings
Sure again
2. Playing with mobile phones
3. Don't report work
1. Give each other affirmation through eyes
2. Physical touch (note the scale)
No need to be expensive, as long as the meaning is special
3. Prepare small gifts
Physical contact can break the sense of distance with strangers
People want to be noticed
It's easy to betray a person with eyes
Learn to like and recognize timely
4. Thumbs
Describe a detail, express affirmation
5. Express gratitude for details
At the end of the chat, thank him with specific details, don’t generalize or exaggerate
Misunderstandings in the speech
3 reasons why the speech has no results
2. Research how to impress each other
1. Before you start speaking, be sure to clarify your goals
No sense of purpose in speech
3. Too much care about others' opinions
2. Fear of rejection
1. Obviously want to but dare not say
How to speak to have results?
Most people are afraid of "results"
A speech with a result will definitely have applause, but applause will not necessarily have a result
When you collect money from each other, what you create is the beginning of a link between you and a process of mutual recognition of value
3. Have the courage to break through
Boldly ask, boldly express the value of your life to the other party, bravely strive for the sense of value that should belong to your life
Start from the result, do not procrastinate or greedy
The reason why most people are unwilling to obey others
1. If you listen to your words, you will show that you have no own opinions and have shortcomings
2. Worrying about long-term dependence on others to make decisions, and long-term loss of the ability to judge and analyze
Will let you get the results you want faster
1. Selective suggestion
Do not do true or false, but do multiple choice
Nodding and smiling is a kind of deep recognition and same frequency
2. Nodding and smiling timely
Nodding and smiling will increase mutual identification
6 tips to help you get results faster
Ask each other for a little help, and quickly get closer to each other
3. Ask for help
Must truly agree with the other party’s point of view from the heart
4. Repeat the other person’s point of view
Let the other person imagine the picture after owning it
5. Assuming this result has occurred
6. A sense of identity tag
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