5 reasons to smile on World Wetlands Day

5 reasons to smile on World Wetlands Day…despite the scary statistics
We are exploring new ways to save our wetlands
The scientists have given us a plan
Businesses are thinking about biodiversity
Wetlands are helping save one of the most iconic freshwater species
Africa is being bold!
WWF and SNV will apply a landscape approach to ensure the needs of an entire landscape are considered and source projects that have a positive impact on the environment.
The DFCD origination facility will also provide grant funding and technical assistance for eligible projects.
We have lost 83% of our freshwater species populations since 1970 which means we have to act now.
Over 20 of the world’s leading freshwater experts have come together to develop an Emergency Recovery Plan to “bend the curve” of freshwater biodiversity loss.
· Accelerating implementation of environmental flows;
· Improving water quality;
· Protecting and restoring critical habitats;
· Managing exploitation of freshwater ecosystem resources%2c especially species and riverine aggregates;
· Preventing and controlling non-native species invasions; and
· Safeguarding and restoring river connectivity.
And now the leaders of Danone and 18 other multinationals have signed up to the One Planet: Business for Biodiversity initiative to protect and restore biodiversity within their supply chains and product portfolios.
And it’s true that an exponential increase in business engagement and transformation is needed to address the climate and biodiversity crises.
The government of India has just declared the Beas River a wetland of international importance under thre Ramsar Convention.
The latest survey found calves, indicating that the dolphins are still breeding and that the river is suitable for these amazing mammals to thrive.
The Ministry of Water and Environment has decided to cancel all title deeds that were issued in wetlands after the year 1995, amounting to around 3000 titles.
One of Africa’s most famous sons says it best. “Part of being optimistic is keeping one’s head pointed toward the sun, one’s feet moving forward.