5 Ways to Protect Biodiversity

A 60% fall in just over 40 years
What can we do
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5 Ways to Protect Biodiversity
What is Biodiversity?
Why does Biodiversity matter to us?
What can you do for biodiversity?
The abbreviated form of biological diversity, means the abundance and variety of life on the planet
More than 7 billion people inhabiting planet earth rely on nature and biodiversity.
Nature also has intrinsic value — it has value in its own right too.
Unfortunately, we are losing biodiversity at an unprecedented rate.
Sustainable Use of Biodiversity- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
To help curb future pandemics, we must greatly reduce the opportunities for viruses to jump from animals to people.
Biodiversity and Health- To prevent the next pandemic we must transform our relationship with nature
Plastic pollution is choking every part of the world.
Plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade, and it’s detrimental to wildlife in ways we are only just beginning to understand.
In order to protect biodiversity, we need to avoid plastics whenever possible, and where we cannot avoid them then we must reduce, reuse and recycle.
To reduce energy use you can switch off lights or any electronic appliances when not in use.
Avoid non-recyclables when ordering food from your favorite restaurant
Opt for reusable bags when going shopping
People and Nature are inextricably linked- Culture and the relationship of humans and biodiversity
Our Solutions are in Nature- Decent Work and Economic Growth
From the Amazon to the Arctic, people and nature have evolved together for thousands of years, creating unique and interdependent cultures and landscapes.
Indigenous Peoples and local communities are the primary custodians of much of the world’s most valuable remaining forests, grassland, savannah, wetlands, and oceans.
We must underline the importance of recognizing the relationship between nature and people under the post- 2020 global biodiversity framework under the Convention on Biodiversity.
Biodiversity supports the provision of ecosystem services such as food, fresh water, fuelwood, fiber, biochemicals, ecotourism.
Demand for Action and make a pledge
It’s time to raise your voice and tell the world that we need action now.
Transformation of the world’s economic and financial systems is critical to reversing nature’s depletion and achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
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