LEADERSHIFT - The 11 Essential Changes Every Leader Must Embrace

11 Essential Changes Every Leader Must Embrace
A framework for leadershifts
Leadershift #1 – The Focus Shift – Soloist to Conductor
Leadershift #2 – The Personal Development Shift – Goals to Growth
Leadershift #3 – The Cost Shift – Perks to Price
Leadershift #4 – The Relational Shift – Pleasing people to Challenging people
Leadershift #5 – The Abundance Shift – Maintaining to Creating
Leadershift #6 – The Reproduction Shift – Ladder climbing to Ladder building
Leadershift #7 – The Communication Shift – Directing to Connecting
Leadershift #8 – The Improvement Shift – Team uniformity to Team diversity
Leadershift #9 – The Influence Shift – Positional authority to Moral authority
Leadershift #10 – The Impact Shift – Trained leaders to Transformational leaders
Change is the new normal. Leaders need to make constant adjustments to excel.
Leadershift #11 – The Passion Shift – Career to Calling
Great leaders used to be top producers. Tomorrow's leaders need to orchestrate groups.
Goals help you do better but growth lets you become better. Leaders are growth oriented.
Great leaders don't think about what they get. They're focused on what they can give.
You cannot lead people if you need them. Great leaders challenge people to do better.
Have the mindset you want to move things forward rather than standing still. Be a creator.
Forget ladder climbing. Help others build and ascend their own ladders. Be an equipper.
Great leaders don't order people around. They connect, influence and help people.
Great leaders value diversity. Do everything you can to bring in different people.
A leadership position does not give you leadership authority. Earn moral authority.
Don't settle for being a trained leader. Become a transformational leader.
Don't look at leadership as a career. Make it your calling. Find your purpose and you'll never look back.
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