How to keep confidence

How to Keep Confidence
Step 1 Be Confident
Step 2 Try to Understand More Things
Step 3 Set the Goal
Step 4 Master Analytical Skills
Step 5 Develop An Effective Strategy
Step 6 Actions Generate Results
Step 7 Motivate Yourself
Have absolute confidence
Confidence does not require any basis
Even things that are unknown and have not been experienced are nothing but "coincidence"
There is nothing impossible for people
Others will only deny, don’t be influenced by others’ opinions
Be the master of your own life
Life is just how to understand
We cannot change the facts, but we can change our understanding
In retrospect, everything will have a completely different feeling from the time, so the change of understanding starts from the moment
There is no single absolute answer in the world
Even if you feel depressed, cheer up immediately
Set what you really want as a goal
The goal must be able to elicit all your enthusiasm
A fully perfect goal requires a sense of mission in addition to enthusiasm
Visualize and concretize the target, imprint it in the mind, subconscious mind, and emotion
With a clear goal, the law of attraction will be achieved
Set reasonable small goals and refine them as much as possible
Set small goals as goals that you feel have a 50% achievement rate
When self-analyzing, don’t over-enlarge or shrink yourself, but accept yourself as you are
Sort everything from high to low according to one's own importance, clearly form a sequence of relationships, and through this process, understand one's own values
In the process of analyzing the target, when collecting information, do not fully accept the message conveyed by the media
By receiving as much information as possible and ensuring the equalization of information, construct the truth in your mind
The strategy is to find the shortest distance to reach the goal
Don’t just think in your head, but act concretely, you will find the shortest distance soon
These three words "impossible" will stop you from thinking, it is the language of the devil
The first step in finding the shortest distance is to copy
Don’t be confined to immediate benefits, invest time, energy and money first
Whether it’s ideas, information, or specific matters, as soon as you feel there is a problem, you must give up
Once restricted by inherent ideas or common sense such as "must do this" or "this is a matter of course", you cannot imagine freely
Ask "why" whenever you want, and find your own answer
If you can learn to "abstract", you can achieve the ability to combine things of different nature to produce new ideas
Turning negative sub-items into positive sub-items will produce new strategies and new ideas
When formulating a strategy, don’t just think about “how to do it”, but also take into account “when will it be done” and set a deadline.
"Knowing" is very different from "Doing"
The moment you "want to do" something is the best time to get up and act
Don't think about the reasons for not acting
Get accustomed to saying what you say
Don't be a bystander, keep the person concerned
No matter what other people ask you to do, say "OK" right away
Don’t wait for others’ permission to act, your actions only need your own permission
You can do anything as long as you don’t violate the law or courtesy
Happiness is not because you can get something, but because "everything I have right now makes people feel satisfied"
Once I feel that I have always been happy, I will treat others well
If you can get what you want and realize what you want to do, then you can definitely achieve the vision that can support others
Supporting others will speed up your self-realization
Holding the spirit of "giving and giving"
If you have something that others consider valuable without you reluctantly, please don’t be stingy and provide it to him.
Warmth is everywhere