The Ways to Lose Weight

The Ways to Lose Weight
Extra Meal
Do not heat the rice in the microwave oven too high, and do not cook for too long
Self Control
Extra Meal
The Bias for Losing Weight
Life Habbits
Quantity Control
Green juice, enzymes, honey water, yogurt, cassia, tomato leaves, fruit and vegetable juice, vinegar
Eat only fruits: malnutrition, up to 300ke per day during weight loss
Skip dinner: eat in the middle of the night, eat more the next day
Staying up late (lack of sleep leads to decreased metabolism, increased appetite, edema)
Diarrhea dehydrated
Strict dieting loses water and muscle
Sweat and drain
Single food for weight loss
Fat is metabolized
It's useless to wrap in plastic wrap, and so is a sweat suit
Secret recipe
There are no external tools for direct weight loss: face-lifting device to reduce swelling, shapewear, stovepipe socks
The only legal weight loss drug: Orlistat: inhibits fat digestion
Fasting breakfast
Anaerobic + aerobic
Walk around after dinner
It’s okay if you don’t have enough energy to exercise. Stretching and massage are needed. Tree legs for 15-30 minutes
Drink coffee before exercise to improve metabolism and exercise effect
Sleep: 7 consecutive hours of adequate sleep
1.5-2 liters of water per day
Drink more milk: 300 ml
Full-day fruit 100 kcal: Fruit recommendation: strawberry, assessment, kiwi, kumquat, cherry, tomato
Sugar-free yogurt, milk
No calories, soda, tea, black coffee: no whole grain juice, no sugar in the top three ingredients list
Nuts 10-20 a day, I can’t stop eating
Eat less nutrition first
Vegetable clear soup remedy to eat more at noon
Check for missing dinners
Can’t stop eating, even if the calories are the same, it cannot be replaced
Not feeling full
Talk more and eat less
Order of eating: 34 vegetables, January, eat enough low-calorie
Way of eating
There are fewer categories, choose one staple food, meat and eggs, soybeans, and less oily vegetables
Chew slowly for 15-20 times
Half and half coarse and fine grains, corn, sweet potatoes, oats, mixed beans
Why not eat high-calorie weight loss
Salt not more than 6, water, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, eat less pickled, heavy taste
Nuts 10-20 a day, I can’t stop eating
Vegetables help lose weight, 500 lettuce is counted
Calorie consumption and fat breakdown are carried out based on the support provided by various nutrients
Insufficient protein, unable to maintain muscles, loosen up the whole body, decreased metabolic rate, endocrine problems
Lack of dietary fiber and vitamin B-help to improve metabolism and promote calorie consumption
The difficulty is to ensure nutrition without exceeding calories
Do not eat staple food
Easy to intervene, difficult to persist
Increase muscles through exercise
Negative energy food is useless
Avoid alcohol and sugar
Basic metabolism 65-70%
Increase muscle calorie intake
Physical activity, exercise 15-30%
Food heating effect 10%
Prioritize low-calorie foods
Diversity, less oil and less salt
Pay attention to the ratio of the three major nutrients
Total intake is not lower than basal metabolism
Dietary fiber increases satiety
Reduce calorie intake
Reasonable goal
Reasonable speed "2 catties per week
Positive social circle
Unbeatable. Boiled eggs, 250 skim milk, plain oatmeal or unsweetened whole wheat bread, tomatoes or half a cucumber
Get up early with a cup of black coffee: improve body metabolism
Cereals and potatoes: low blood sugar, increase satiety
Less oil, less salt and less sugar to ensure food diversity
Rub off the oil, some rice can’t be eaten after rubbing it
Strong satiety, low calories
Add a raw tomato and cucumber for dinner
Dinner no more than 7 o'clock
Eat nuts
Special Situation
Plateau period
Combined with the average daily consumption, adjust the diet structure and exercise to break the inherent pattern
When you cannot control your appetite
Insist on not eating high calories and reward yourself to relieve gluttons
Make an exception when you want to eat
Food out, holidays
Before meal
Before a big meal, there is a lack of calories for breakfast, whole grains, vegetables, eggs, and milk
Drink enough 200ml of warm water before dinner
Avoid high calories
Shabu-shabu with greasy boiled water and rice
Sugary drinks, potato juice, fruits, nuts resist
Don't eat the oily surface and stuffed
Try not to drink alcohol or alcoholic beverages, which may contain sugar
Try not to drink alcohol or alcoholic beverages, which may contain sugar
Avoid retail specialties traditional food
cooking method
Light: boiled, cold, steamed, Qing Dynasty, steamed
Avoid sweet and sour, deep-fried oil stew, and smoke
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