How to Make Money in 21 Century

How to Make Money in 21th Century
Market economy leverage
An epoch-making tool for economic development
Capital thinking
Definition of capital:
Control over [resources]
Capital operation
Profit maximization
community resource
Upstream direction
Maximize efficiency
Maximum benefit
Resource trend
The most efficient countries and regions
The most efficient industry
The most efficient company
The most efficient project
The most efficient individual
Resource capital snowball effect
Three worlds
The first type of person: resource person
The most direct owner of the resource
Ways to obtain resources
Personal skill value enhancement
Read and read
Higher education
Personal practical ability improvement
Skill + Proficiency
Various 【Engineers】
Born to provide rare resources
Appearance + luck
Actor, model
The second type of person: configurator [entrepreneur]
Resource person
resources invested
Resource Integration
Resource operation
Product output
Ways to obtain resources
Manage your own thoughts and wisdom
Extraordinary talent and wisdom
Personal charm and influence
Realize personal and financial freedom
Wealth Acquisition and Freedom
From volunteer to configurator
Realize personality freedom
Higher resource allocation efficiency
Independent innovation spirit influence
The third type of person: investors [capitalists]
Far away but in control of resources
Control the flow of global resources
Dominate the assets of others
Venture investor
Ways to obtain resources
Taking capital operation as the main body of the industry
Monopoly economy controls capital
Capital market monopoly and investment layout
Operations based on acquisition operations
Acquisition and merger of capital, technology and market
Create businesses and discover entrepreneurs
The highest resource curing class
Top mindset
Top capital accumulation
Sell resources
Higher education
Higher capability
Higher Personality
Configure resources
Personal improvement
Personal energy boost
Resource integration and efficient operation
Master capital
Capital owner
Resource owner
Investor formation factors
Three kinds of human evolution
Step 1: Capital accumulation
Sell personal resources
Set up a street stall
Open Taobao
Make a website
Make app
Stock speculation
The promotion of ordinary people
Law: Make an expert with 10,000 hours [seven years]!
The Beatles: built with 1,200 performances
Example: Use capital thinking to do chain operations
Step 2: Make money with capital
Thinking finance
Can use capital to earn one yuan, never sell physical strength to earn 100 yuan
Smart + capital, you have to find your partner right away
Take your place
Smart principles and behavior
Complete life's first capital accumulation
Smart principles and behavior