Waste Sorting

Suitable for recycling, recyclable domestic waste
Delivery requirements
Domestic wastes that cause direct or potential harm to human health or the natural environment
Delivery requirements
Perishable garbage
Delivery requirements
Other garbage, domestic waste other than hazardous garbage, recyclables, and wet garbage
Delivery requirements
Garbage Classification
recyclable trash
Hazardous waste
Wet garbage
Dry garbage
Protect the environment, no delay
Waste paper
waste plastic
Waste glass products
Waste fabric
waste metals
1. Throw lightly
2. Clean and dry, avoid pollution
3. Try to flatten the waste paper
4. Empty the contents of the three-dimensional packaging, squash and put it on after cleaning
5. Those with sharp edges and corners should be placed after wrapping
Waste nickel-cadmium batteries and waste mercury chloride batteries
Waste fluorescent tube
Waste drugs and their packaging
Waste paint and solvents and their packaging
Waste mercury-containing thermometers and sphygmomanometers
Waste pesticide disinfectant and its packaging
Waste film and waste photo paper
1. Please handle with care when charging, buttons, and batteries
2. If there are residues in paint buckets and pesticides, please close them and put them in
3. Fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps are easy to break, please pack them and put them away
4. Waste medicines and their packaging are put together with packaging
Perishable garbage
Food waste
Melon peel and core
Flowers and plants
Traditional Chinese Medicine Residue
Minced meat
expired food
1. Pure liquid food waste, such as milk, etc., should be poured directly into the drain
2. Packed wet garbage should be separated and put out after taking out the packing. Please put the packing in the corresponding recyclable container or dry garbage container
3. Put in wet garbage and encourage the removal of packaging (plastic bags)
paper napkin
Cigarette butts
Ceramic flowerpot
1. Drain as much water as possible
2. Difficult to identify the types of domestic garbage into the dry garbage container
Resource recycling
Reduce floor space
reduce environmental pollution
Avoid mutual pollution of garbage
Enhance social civilization
Reduce processing costs
Classified delivery
Separate collection
Classified transportation
Very easy to fall into an endless loop
Classification processing
Very easy to fall into an endless loop