Personal Survival Rules

Personal Survival Rules
1. Procrastination
2、Natural Selection
3、Try to Lie
7、Be Nice
10、Grasp the Opportunity
12、The Reality
13、Great Law
14、Eternal Rules
There will never be an easy life in this era
No business model is permanent
No competitiveness is eternal
No asset is stable
Struggle is the constant theme of life
The first stage is to eliminate the timid
The second stage is clever elimination and slow
The third stage is to eliminate the uncultured
It’s not the era when customers can be dealt with by flicking hard.
It’s not the era when girls can be done with bold promises
It’s not the era where you can eat all over the world by bragging.
You only have two ways
You have to become more focused!
You have to become more determined!
The more successful people are, the less nonsense
Always say only the most critical words, always do the most efficient things
Once they open their mouths, they are always the most important words
The high evaluation of a person is the word-"reliable"
Smart people are only suitable for chatting, reliable people are suitable for doing things together
You must find reliable people to do things!
In the future, no one has an obligation to be loyal to another
In the future, all loyalty of people will evolve loyalty to value
Law of value
If you want to have value, you must be able to create value
There will be no more people born just for you
I won’t have a heart for you
Those who help themselves, God helps them!
How far a person can go is determined by character
People's final trump card and golden sign
Life skills are endless, only human character will always shine!
Every stupid person you meet is here to save you
But being able to get along with stupid people can prove that you are a wise person
In 2012, they were believers of "Internet thinking";
In 2013, they called themselves "Wechat Business Masters";
In 2014, they emphasized that what they did was "o2o";
In 2015, they sought after "capital operation."
In 2016, they started "P2P";
In 2017, they began to speculate on "virtual currency";
In 2018, they launched the "blockchain" with great fanfare;
Only those who truly love this industry can bring this industry to glory
What defeated one scam was another bigger scam
"Bad guys" are people who weave scams
"Stupid people" are people who believe in scams
In the future, we will have no business to do
In the future, we will have no jobs to play
In the future, we will have no investment
Instead of having more material, it is better to have more time
Instead of relying on the company, it is better to rely on personal strength and influence
Rather than increase salary, improve personal brand
Instead of making more money, make yourself more valuable
Instead of just selling, help
Rather than serve more people, serve better/fewer people
How high a person's starting point is is determined by opportunity
How fast a person can walk is determined by ability
How far a person can go is determined by character
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