The Eight Laws of Making Money

The Eight Laws of Making Money
The third law of making money: the easiest way to make money!
The fifth law of making money: you must use your brain to make money!
The fourth law of making money: There must be a goal to make big money
The sixth law of making money: must dare to act!
The first law of making money: Are you a sheep or a wolf? !
The Eighth Law of Making Money: Make a good choice when making big money!
Jack Welch
The road to success is paved by goals! People without goals are accomplishing goals for people with goals!
People with big goals make big money, people with small goals make small money, and people without goals always worry about food and clothing. What kind of person are you?
To make money, you must have the ambition to make money! What is ambition? Action is the goal, the attempt, the motivation for action
"People who are poor and burn incense, short-term fortune-telling" must have goals! There must be a goal! Must have a goal!
Li Ka Shing
Wealth flows all over the world, and you dare not ask for the ball!
There is no free lunch! No pie in the sky!
action! I am rich!
If you are not smarter than others, you must act faster than others!
"Said to be a servant, to be a master of speaking"
The Twenty-Eight Law (the power law is the truth of the world) cannot be changed by God!
Choice is destiny, choice is life, choice is wealth! The wrong choice is in vain!
The choice is what you have? What are you good at? What do others need? Three questions
The purpose of the choice is to determine the direction, the future will be dedicated and focused!
The seventh law of making money: To make big money, you must learn to make money!
The second law of making money: Money is everywhere, making money is easy!
To become a minority, you must change your mind, change your concept, and have a rich mind!
"Change direction, you are the first" "Are you to be a sheep or a wolf?"
Ask the vast land, who owns wealth? ! Why can he make money and you can't?
Tracing the source
Thinking concept: Money is everywhere, making money is easy!
Need for money: Desire to make money from the heart (just need to change the brain, steel whip life)
Really confirm the knowledge of money: money is not a crime, it is the embodiment of value, performance and wisdom in return
Position issues (values-underlying thinking model)
Contempt the enemy strategically: making money is easy!
Pay attention to the enemy tactically: there are ways to make money!
Find your mission (dismantling your business/capabilities to the smallest and most fundamental unit)
The long-term goal is the vision, and the mission must be reached
"I'm not playing with my limbs, but with my brain"
"If you snatch all my property and throw me into the desert, as long as a camel team passes by, I will soon become rich."
"You just shut me in a walnut box, and I will also imagine the monarch of unlimited space"
"Thinking is a hero"
"Imagination is more important than knowledge"
Thinking determines the way out!
The idea is the top-level design!
The idea is the solution!
Read 4000 books in two years (4000/730≈5.5 books/day, how do you read it?)
Learn while being an apprentice (learning by doing)
On the one hand, cultivate the courage to make decisions
On the one hand, cultivate the ability to execute change
The real earners are readers
Learning from wealth elites and consulting experts is the fastest way to learn!
"Self-study is a university without walls"
Learn from people who have results
Review the path of making money and learn the thinking model
Only with single-mindedness and focus can be professional, professional creates value!
Its essence is to return to the first and second law of making money (values) and the third law of making money (mission)
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