Hamilton Mind Map

An American Musical
It's about the American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton
Inspired by 2004
The Music Type: Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Soul, and Traditional-style show tunes
Known by "America then, as told by America now."
in 2004s, inspired by biography Alexander Hamilton
in 17th Feb 2015s, the show was on the Public Theater
in 6th Aug 2015s, it transfered to Broadway theater
in 2016s, received 16 nominations, 11 awards, including Best Musical
in 2017s, spreaded in Britain
Watch “Hamilton” for the first time the way you would watch any other movie for the first time.
Best musical ever which tells our story.
How lucky we are to be alive in a time that the “Hamilton” movie will always be there, waiting for us to play.
From Broadway to Disney+, ‘Hamilton’ speaks brilliantly to a time of fear and protest.
in 2018s, won Olivier Award
in 2019s, won Best New Musical
in 2020s, movie version in Disney+
An artifact of another era that feels overwhelmingly pertinent to this one.
I memorized all 20,520 words in #Hamilton back in 2015. I am excited for watching it with Disney+
Best Musical