Scientific Method

The Scientific Method1. Determine the PROBLEM.2. RESEARCH your problem.3. Write a HYPOTHESIS.4.TEST the hypothesis. Design and perform your EXPERIMENT. the materialsReview and list all safety precautionsNumber and list the steps in your procedure in detailIdentify all variablesIndependent or Manipulated VariableThere should be just one.Dependent or Responding VariableThere is often more than one.Identify the constantsAll the conditions that are kept the same for each trial.Identify the ControlThe group not exposed to the Independent Variable5.Record and Analyze DATA AND OBSERVATIONS. Measure everything!!!Qualitative dataQuantitative data measured and/or countedRegular observations, sketches and notesDaily or more often. Use a loose leaf log book or journal.Data tablesSpreadsheetsGraphsDatabaseStatistical analysis of dataAverage or meanRangeMedianT test or more complex analysisDraw a CONCLUSION based on your results. It must restate and relate back to your if/then hypothesis.