AndroidComponentsActivitiePresents a single visual user interfaceeach activity is indepentdent of the othersone of the activities is marked as the firstintentsServiceBroadcast receiverContent ProviderUser InterfaceView Classrepresent the basic bulding block for UI componentA view occupies arectangular area on the screen and is responsible for drawing and event handlingbase class for widgetsGroup viewXml LayoutsLinearLayoutare lined up in a column or rowareas of controlorientationfill modelweightgravitypaddingmarginRelativeLayoutTableLayoutScrollViewAbsoluteLayoutEach element in XML layout is either a view or groupViewis the base class for layoutsMenusIncrease the functionality of an app2 typesoption menucontext menuObservationtextIconsRadio ButtonsCheckboxsSub-MenusShort-cut Keysusingstep1Indicate which widget(s) on your activity have contextMenustep2Implement onCreateContextMenu(...)onCreateContextMenu() is called each time the context menu is requestedcontext menus are discarded once they are used or dismissedonContextItemSelected()delegate on the applyMenuChoice() Method the performing of the actions associated to the choices made by userWidgetsLife cycleComponents lifecycleA beginning when android instantiates them response to intentsA end when the instances are destroyedIn between they somtimes be active / inactive ,visible/invisible Activity StackStatesEventProjectYourActivity.javaR.javaAndroid Library/assets/res/res/drawableres/layoutres/valuesAndroidManifest.xml