learning unlearning engaged models

Learning/Unlearning/ Engaged ModelsAction LearningThink, question & Listens:What's going well?What's challenging?Long-term vision/goalsNext achievable steps?Social collaborative/flexible intelligenceDissolve individualism EmpowermentReduces hierarchy/reliance on expertsIncrease eco social world change community Ask:'how could I get more fluent at that' and 'what gets in the way"?Other action based approachesAction Research Participatory Action ResearchPraxis InterventionAction InquiryKolb model for experiential learningActivistReflectorPragmatistTheoristInfinite capacity to develop skills in all modalities.Kolb HooksCE: Concrete Experience-DoingRO:Reflective Observation-Doing&critiqueAC:Abstract Conceptualization-Abstract ideas into solid useAE:Active Experimentation-Try idea out Theory U frameworkDownloading-past patternsSuspendingSeeing-with fresh eyesSensing-from the feildLetting goPresencing-connecting to sourceLetting comeCrystalizing- vision & intentionOwn Un/learning transitionCognitive dissonance Strong feelingsSupport systems neededConsciousUnconsciousDouble loop (Investigate)Re-Evaluation counseling (Investigate/find local group)Theory U (Try it out)Eco-Social Un/learningSeeing/clearing off the PatrixPolitically neutral and easy to co-optApplied permaculture ethicsLiberation from oppression (as receiver/giver) Transformative learningEspoused theory/theory in actionTheory UMeArticulate my models/process of unlearningSense emergenceMy EthicsUsing Gaia U booksRevisitTest for validity&plausibilityShed?Useful?Invalid & still useful (Miasma?)Exercise useful yeild of incorrect theoryTheory UProcess of TransitionArticulate model/theories of learningCompare & ContrastInner transition>Outer transitionGaia U Pedagogy Create new culture & shared languageCongruent with Permaculture ethicsCongruent in educational field/Show legitimacyTheory/Action- highly congruent Basis of complex, adaptive and potent ecosystemRefresh, add, & shedBook 4&5 Element 3"There is nothing quite so practical as a theory" - Kurt Lewin.Learning/UnlearningEngaged Models
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