Data Sanitization Tools

Data Sanitization ToolsDigital RemanenceThe remaining data on magnetic storage after deletion or erasure.Data sanitization tools correct this problem by completely removing data from devices, making them suitable for disposal or reuse.Data TypesDataData held within an object, file, or blockMetadataData describing an object, file, or data blockUsed by the system to manage and locate dataMetadata is stored differently from data:On Linux, metadata is stored as inodes.On Windows, metadata is stored in a master file table.Data Deletion or ErasureWhen you delete a file, the operating system removes the inode or the table entry corresponding to that file.Disk SanitizationData sanitization programs overwrite each disk location where the file's data was stored.This obliterates the information that was stored on disk so that it can't be reconstructed.You should always sanitize disks before disposing of them.Modern data sanitization algorithms have improved substantially, to the point that they can successfully sanitize disks in a single pass.Examples:Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN)CBL Data ShredderThe format command with the write zero option