engaged unlearning models

Engaged un/learning modelsAction learning setComplicated/Complex Situatioins: CynefinSocial CollaborationExperts?FormulaIMC Association: Gaia's Accredition bodyMain branches of Action Based approaches4 Question method in relation to the topicWhat's going well for me?What's challenging for me?What are my long-term visions & goals?What are my next achievable steps?the group sees good & best practices, unique problems & resistences, & strategy for problemsdifficult to fully know, comprehend other's contextflexible intelligence for trial options guided by experienceUse the 4 questionsbecuase of Global Context's increasing complexity Challenge: how to become more fluent and 'what gets in the way'?...Action learning is an empowerment techniqueproblem solvingcreative thinkinggiving constructive supportbeing empowered we reduce heirarchical assumptions that only experts can find solutions to complex problemsLearning = Programming (content) + Questions + ReflectionDevelopment of Business world ManagersWorld-change artists in the grand ecosocial corporation!Action ResearchParticipatory Action ResearchPraxis interventionAction InquiryWatch for memes of Patrix dominated science. Seek to liberate from Patrix and avoid over-theorization