documentary film

Documentary filmDefinitionIt is a representation of reality seen through something audiovisual.Types of DocumentariesFocused on an event: The event is the backbone of the film.Definitory of a process: They present chain events that make up an interesting process.Traveling: Presents information and describes places.Walled city: It is the one that uses a microcosm to hint at a larger-scale criticism.Historical: Since every film reproduces everything that has already happened, all films are historical.Documentaries according to points of viewMain character: in this type of documentary, said character can narrate, be a spectator, etc.Multiple Characters - Try to show different views of social class.Personal: the director himself can narrate, interview, etc. This type of documentary has a carefree and subjective point of view.Omniscient: narrated in the third person to show a collective point of view.Reflective: A product is displayed in a way that people think that the producer, the production, and the product are consistent.