farkle achievements

Farkle Achievements ScoresAll score possibilities worth 1000 or more individuallyFour of a kindUse the four Luke (movie)May the fours be with you (movie)fourtune tellerfourtune cookieFive of a kindHigh Five!Johnny 5 alive (movie)Five's companyFive Golden Dice6 of a kindUnpossibleThe 6th Sense (movie)Four Eyes and Six Guns (movie)Six and the City (movie)1-6 straightStraight MoneyStraight UpDifferent is GoodStraight Talk (movie)3 pairs3 pairs are better than 1Twin PartyBuddy SystemTriple-DoubleDouble Dragon (movie)2 triplesRoad Trip (movie)Two Triples are better than onefour of a kind + a pairThe Odd Couple (movie)Join the PartyRolled every possibility at least once (per player)Over-Achiever The One-UpperShow OffScored 10,000 on first turn and win (could be secret)Party-PooperThe Golden ChildUnfriendlyCheater!Banked points over 3000 with 6 dice possible to play (fresh roll) Smart-LadPlay it SafeSlow and SteadyGood InvestmentAll the way to the BankGet on board with a score over 500 on first rollFirst!this is an internet forums referenceAtta-BoyGet your feet wetBaby's first achievementConsecutive turns over 2000 points22,000 Running (2)32,000 Running (3)42,000 Running (4)5+2,000 Running Game-EnderConsecutive turns over 3000 points 23,000 Running (2)33,000 Running (3)4+3,000 Running Game-EnderRollsConsecutive 6 dice rolls (i.e. using all six in one roll consecutively)2Pure Luck3Pure Skill4Pure Lucky Skill5+Loaded Dice!FarklesConsecutive Farkles5Unlucky10Where did I go wrong?15Bad Choices20+Really???First roll Farkle (first roll of first turn, farkle on all 6 dice)Don't quit your day jobFarkle'd and lost a scoreover 500 to get on boardOops!1000Risky Business1500Swing and a Miss2000So Close yet So Far2500Throwing it away3000+Downward SpiralScored 0 for entire game (secret)Find a shoulder to cry onRolls without a Farkle5The tortoise beats the hare10A penny saved is a penny earned15No need to gloat20+Wunderkind