efficient split sleep

Efficient split sleepAuthorslightlySplit sleepPractical examplescharacterNapoleonEdisonDa VinciBritish Prime Minister ChurchillFrench President SihakGrasp the time to sleepNapTraffic...SleeppurposeEffective use of waking timeThe body/mind is fully rested to replenish energyAdvantages of split sleepMultiple prime timeNot tired when awakeSleep structureRapid eye movementLight sleepThe brain organizes memory informationNon-rapid eye movementDeep sleepCan't dreamBody repair mechanismTwo times alternate90min is a cycle90 for not everyoneNeed to observe your own cycleMost people 70-110minShallow first and deepWake up in two cycles to get the best restSleep time in multiples of 90mincauseHumans are not suitable for long-term activitiesConcentration 3-4hrEasy to doze offNon viceImportant body mechanismSplit sleepFirst sleep time4-5 hrBasic sleep timeSecond sleep time1-2 hrSupplement sleep timenoteThe total sleep time per week is 50hr, the deficiency needs to be made up within a weekEveryone is in a different state, so take time to findIt varies according to physical condition and ageapplicationGet up early on holidaysWith a nap for 1-2hrPrime timeSleep utilitypurposeRepair body functionSecretion of hormonesImmunity. Anti-stress...Repair brain functionRapid eye movementDreaming is the result of organizing informationBalance the autonomic nervous systemSympathetic nervePromote human activityCan cause excitementNegative sympathetic nerveUsed to replenish energy nervesSleep periodAffect the immune systemSubparasympatheticIncreased lymphocytesFight the virusCombining to convert into non-toxic substancesOverexcitedSlight antigenTriggers lymphocyte defenseSympatheticParticle ball increaseConcentrated after swallowing bacteriaDo treatment againOverexcitedEat good bacteriaEasy to cause cancerSecond sleep utilityspeciesNap20min goodEnter the non-rapid eye movement period over 20 minutesFalse sleepbenefitMemory improvementReduce accidentsBasics and applicationsin principleSleep total 7hrSleep in 3 timesFirst sleepBasic hour 5hrFirst prime time2-5hrSleep cannot be scheduled for the first 8 hoursAffect sleep qualitySecond sleepHour 1-2hrThird sleep20min or 60minDynamically adjustableAdjust the first prime time5hr basic sleep can be changedbenefitAlone golden hour late at nightx365 days of powerNap effectAvoid time spent watching meaningless TVThe important ones can be recorded