semantic map

Semantic mapMethodHeimlich and Pittelman (1990)Method ideasPrior knowledgeActivate and build the knowledge baseGraphic StructureSchematizeSummarizeSelect informationThey relate to each otherCategorization strategyCategorical structure of informationGraphically RepresentedImprovementComprehensionVocabulary enrichmentMain FeaturesAccording to the understanding processAccording to the strategy and / or techniqueReading comprehensionVocabulary increaseIts meaningConnecting ideas or knowledgeSemantic organization of the textUtility and efficiency Organize and integrate Establish relationships between different areas For learning disabilities Thinking and reading Text compression Global brain Organize the information Work the knowledge Sensory perceptionsAs a study technique Identification of the main idea Secondary categories Table of intellectual territory Complementary details New ideas DetailsElaboration process Whirlwind of ideas Organization or semantic structuring Discussion and selection of concept words