workshop tasks

Cameroon Workshop TasksPre-Seminar ResearchCoordinate with CABTAL Mobilizer(s)Translating MaterialsIdentify which TSC workshop documents to translateIdentify what additional documents may be required with DanAssess if help will be required?CommunicationLeading meetings and initiating field contactsScheduling team teleconferencesGuest invitations to Epic Telling / GraduationImprove communication between TSC, CMB and CABTALIdentify where communication may be lackingGOALS: To improve...?DUE DATE: OngoingImprove communication among TSC OBS TeamIdentify where communication may be lackingRe-identify roles, responsibilities, and team expectations, as necessaryIdentify specific ways in how this can be correctedOBS ConsultantsGretchen HarroCAR ConsultantProject DocumentationDrafting a 3 year project planReview and recommendationsSubmit OBS project proposal for TSC approvalProject set up and maintenanceInternship: ZacharieDraft job description / intern planAssign mentor who will complete documentation and write performance reviewsWorkshop DocumentationOrganization of workshop forms?Management of posting info on Wiki? / Website?Workshop Equipment and MaterialsVisual Aidsposter-sized cloth mapsother misc aidsRecorderspurchase of recordersGOALS: To be used in trainingWorkshop PlanningDevelop MT narrative discourse demoInform AbbottsDavid PayneExperience resumeStory SetCoordinate story selectionAssign storiesLogisticsTransportationFacilityFinancesBuild Capacity into CABTALOutline the hows by tasks and assignment