web awareness for students

Issues of web-awareness and digital citizenship for students on the internetCyber-BullyingUnreliable/Unknown SourcesInappropriate Digital EttiquetteIdentity/privacyHurts StudentsCan affect their learningCan result in physical bullying at schoolCan't be easily seenCan not help if you don't know it is going onCan go unnoticedStudents will use unreliable sourcesCan decrease the validity of their workMany different digital communication optionssometimes hard to tell which are reliable or notNeed to be able to know what is legal and illegal to useAppropriate sourcesHow to cite digital resourcesNeed to be taught appropriate behaviourCan come back in the futureEthics of technologyCan it effect your future?Would you be okay with the whole world seeing this?Would you say this to someone face to face?Can have a negative effectNeed to be carefulOnline crimeHackingIdentity theftIllegal downladingPlagerizingOnce Digital Footprint is out there, it is out there forever.Need to know how to change the privacy settings on their own sitesHow to back up dataRisk of theft/crimecannot trust othersSafety and securityVirus Protection