reflecting christ

Reflecting Christ2 Cor 3: 1-3Do you get lettersI get wrong type of lettersCrafted and constructed to stress meOnly person in our house excited about letters is AlexEpistle LetterAll books of bible were hand writtenPaul declares, "written with my own hands"Why? Not plagiarismBut problem of identity fraudPeople were circulating letters with ideas as if they were PaulBut you could recognise Paul by his handwritingrecognise people hand writing signatureHand writing analysisEpistles of commendationLetters of recommendationtaking strangers into hometransfer letterRom 8:27Paul himself obtain letters from high priestprosecuteReadingliteraturebooksmagazineSignsNatureWeatherCloudsSunMoonPeopleparents read childrensitting fathers who clarified type of cryingMothers who tell what a crying baby needWives read husbandsWife - I know what you are thinking Read FaceseyesdressWomen readhair stylesBody sizenailssmellCar, house, clothesWive declares what you should wearYou represent herPointWe are constantly transmitting all kinds of messagesAre you committing ID fraudSaying you are christian but denying the faithwheat and taresStarted as wheat but shape shifting to TaresStory of police office in obituary columnlocal animal rights group new him as Tim the activistReflecting Christe.g families familieshusbands reflect wiveshonour killingcouplesWho don't act like couplesCouple who look like siblingsPeople are reading you WorkCommunityHomeChildrenHusbandWifeAre you are letter know and read of menRecommending God by your lifestyle?You are reading peoplehanding difficult to readdoctorsMisrepresenting GodGod is writing on your heartEz 11:22 and jer 31:3New covenantwritten on heartOut of the heart are the issues of lifenot with inkperishableConcept of putting things in black and whatpermanent TrueAppealYou are God's LetterpostedhomejobSchoolcommunityWritten not with inkHoly spiritHnad of GodWhat message are you givenWhat are people reading from letter of lifeResults of misrepresenting God EXNot take the name of the lord your God in vainMosesAt kadesh berneaReminds songWe are nearing homebe careful all kinds of things happenAfter working so hard Moses denied entranceEx 17 & num 20:6-12Tares and wheatSheep and goat mat 25Christianity written on heartMost convincingreams of Books sermons preachRather see a sermonMost legibleSome peoples handwriting you can't readInk blotchMost enduringDecaycorrupt filesComputercomputer malfunction most persuasiveHe who has been transformed by Christianityfrom the selfish, the sensual, and corrupt, into the spiritual, the benevolent,and the holy, furnishes an argument that baffles all controversy andpenetrates the heart.