industrial pollution causes and control

Industrial Pollution ~ Causes And ControlIdentify Causes of Pollution in An Engineering Environment and outline Control MeasuresCauses of Environmental Pollution in ShipbuildingEnvironmental pollution is caused when materials detrimental to life are released into the atmosphere, ground or water. Some materials may harm plant or animal life and cause an imbalance, which upsets the ecosystem of the area.Paints are a major cause of environmental pollution, particularly older paint that may be scraped off boats during repair and repainting. Some old paints contain lead, which is highly toxic. The chemicals used in anti-fouling paints, which prevent algal and barnacle growth on boats, are very toxic.Oil spills are a cause of great environmental concern in the marine and waterways environments. Giant oil spills can be catastrophic for marine animals. Smaller oil spills at sea, or in the yard are also cause for concern and must be prevented.Workplace Noise PollutionNoise - Unwanted Sound,Unwanted Because it canCause Annoyance, Interferewith Speech orCommunication, and/or CauseHearing Impairmentshipbuilding, the metal fabrication workshop, where heavy machinery is used for metal forming using large plate, is an extremely noisy environment.Noise ThermometerLand Legal Part (Focus in Malaysia)Care of the EnvironmentDisposal of chemicalsPreventing Air PollutionPrevention of Water Pollutionenvironmental controlsGeneral controlsuse appropriate preventive maintenance procedures• ensure good industrial housekeeping practice• use the correct disposal methods.Control the paint scrapings from boats undergoing repair and repaintingControl the leakage of chemicals into the ground or waterreducing noise pollution and noise exposure• use personal hearing protection, such as ear plugs or ear muffs• move noisy tools and machinery to more isolated locations• install soundproofing around noisy equipment• modifying tools and machinery to make less noise.• ensure that task rotation includes quiet areas and so that individual exposure is minimised• schedule the noisiest tasks for times when there are fewer people in the workplace.Crude Oil Washing (COW)Crude oil washing (COW) is a system whereby oil tanks on a tanker are cleaned out between voyages not with water, but with crude oil - the cargo itself.COW is mandatory on new tankers under the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution by Ships (MARPOL 73/78).When sprayed onto the sediments clinging to the tank walls, the oil simply dissolved them, turning them back into usable oil that could be pumped off with the rest of the cargo. There was no need for slop tanks to be used since the process left virtually no slops. The process became known as Crude Oil Washing (COW).EmissionMARPOL ANNEX VI REGULATIONS FOR THE PREVENTION OF AIR POLLUTION FROM SHIPSRegulation 12 to 18Fuel Oil Availability and QualityShipboard IncinerationSulphur Oxides (SOx) and Particulate Matter (PM)