slidy business model

Slidy Business ModelRevenue Generation SubscriptionsDigital Goods SellingOperator Tie UpVendors Tie upLocal VendorsOnline Vendors Discount Coupans(Mac D...)FeaturesMain ContentFavorite SlidesReceived SlidesShare SlidesEarn Discount CoupansEnabled FeaturesSettingsChattingShoppingCategories GamesAds CategoriesUser profileGoogle Sign InReward PointsUser Engagement ContentFavorite SlidesReceived SlidesShare SlidesFeaturesBenefitsArtist Fine artsVirtual ExhibitionSecure Photo GallerySell Products or Services Chat with BuyerMobile ApplicationAndroid Mobile ApplicationCard View WidgetRecycler View WidgetGCMIn App BillingLru Cache Disk Lru CacheNormal Lru CacheDialog FragmentView FlipperCustom Video PlayerShape DrawablesCustom Video PlayerIphone ApplicationWebsite / ServerPHP DevelopmentDatabase Enabled Features for UserFront EndShopBuyChat with VendorRate your shopping ExperienceBuy ItemSecure TransactionCredit CardDebit cardPayment BanksOperator billingCross comparision of same Item with differnt vendorsSellUsersCustomersdiscount pointsRedeem with Discount CoupansDiscount coupan can be used at Seller's outletLocation Based SuggestionsVendorsUpload Product Listing on Web ServerPromote ProductsVideo PromotionImage PromotionSales AnalyticsNotification to intended UsersResponding to Users Request via mail and chatOperatorVAS Services