Personal SWOT Analysis

Personal SWOT Analysis | SWOT analysis of a person of Personal SWOT analysisImproves self-awareness and enhances your understanding of your likes and dislikesHelps you to know and prioritize your important goalsProvides you strong personal feedback so you can think about over your capabilities%2c qualities%2c weaknesses%2c and potentialHelps you in examining your weaknesses and how to convert them into strengthsHelps you to comprehend your core values%2c farsighted vision%2c and life purposes.Illuminates you to see existing opportunities and how to avail themUncovers the hidden pitfalls and how to prevent yourself from themKeeps you on track and helps you manage your time efficientlyPersonal StrengthsWhat are the things I can do best?Where am I better than others?What are my innate talents?What unique skills and capabilities I have built till now?Do I have some advantages that others don’t have? (like qualification%2c certificates%2c awards or social contacts)What are my qualities which are often admired by others?What have I achieved till now and what achievements I am really proud of?Do I have some specific resources that I can utilize for my benefit?What expertise has pleased my boss or teachers yet?What are the core values that I believe that others fail to exhibit?Personal WeaknessesWhat are the things I can’t do better?What are my bad habits and negative personality traits?Which areas need improvement? (like in education%2c training%2c skills%2c and knowledge)What my boss%2c friends%2c and colleagues see as my weaknesses?What tasks I usually avoid to do because I don’t like them or I don’t feel confident doing them?Do I have some undesirable work habits? (For instance%2c I am disorganized%2c I am not punctual%2c I can’t handle stress%2c I have a short temper%2c )Personal OpportunitiesWhat career paths, educational fields, and industries are growing at a fast pace?What new technology or innovation can bring me benefits in my career?How can I take advantage of the current business scenario and latest trends?Is my industry growing or do I have an opportunity in other industry?Am I facing some issues in my career or company? What are the possible ways to remove them?Is there any gap available in the market which I can fill?Do I have a network of social and strategic contacts or do I need to build them to gain business advantages?Are my competitors failing to do something that I can capitalize?Personal ThreatsWhat hinders my progress at work or in my training?What are the external factors that can affect my goals?Do business and technological changes threaten my current position?Are my colleagues competing with me for positions or projects?How intense is the competition in my job market?Are the demands for my job or industry changing?Could any of my weaknesses result in a threat?RecommendationsBe honest to yourselfIntrospect correctly and properly. Write your strengths and weaknesses with absolute honesty.Be focused and take timeThis process needs your complete attention. So, if you perform your SWOT analysis in a hurry, there is no use of it. Take the time out to focus on your self-analysis.Think and think againWe instantly decide a few things about ourselves without much contemplation. As this process is all about thinking deeply, you need to keep analyzing until you are completely sure about yourself.Ask your family members, friends and colleaguesThis is really a helpful technique to examine your skills and personality traits thoroughly. Take help from your parents, siblings, colleagues, and friends by asking them about your core strengths and weaknesses. You will be surprised hearing their opinions about you.