BMW SWOT Analysis

BMW SWOT Analysis InfoCEOOliver ZipseYear foundedMarch 7, 1916HeadquarterMunich, Bavaria, GermanyNumber of Employees (2018)133,778Fun FactDid you know that BMW used to make airplanes, and it only got into auto manufacture after the Treaty of Versailles banned all German companies from producing warplanes following World War I?Strengths – Internal Strategic FactorsWeaknesses – Internal Strategic FactorsOpportunities – External Strategic FactorsThreats – External Strategic FactorsProducts & ServicesAutomotive | Motorcycles | Financial Services | Design WorksCompetitorsToyota | General Motors | Volkswagen | Chevrolet | Daimler | Hyundai | Renault Nissan | Ford | Fiat Chrysler Automobiles | Zorya | Koenigsegg | Daimler AG | Honda | Tata MotorsHigh-Quality ProductsExperience in Green TechnologyGlobal OperationsHighly Valuable BrandExcellent ReputationHigh R&D InvestmentsEffective StrategiesBalanced Geographical RevenuesNegative PublicityControversial RecallsSeveral LawsuitsSmall PortfolioProvide Flexible OptionsFocus on Emerging MarketsExpand into Self-Driving SectorOffer Eco-friendly MobilityLooming Global RecessionRising Manufacturing CostsStringent RegulationsPossibility of TariffsEffects of the PandemicStiff CompetitionChanges in Demographic