SWOT Analysis of Andover

SWOT Analysis of Andover, NH Waste Transfer StationInternalWeaknesssecurity: from rail trail and too many keysroaring wind tunnelimplementationstaff--proactivity, physical abilitiesresearch capabilitieshopper: dangerousno parking delineationaestheticsthe overall flowthe location for reusable itemsSwap Day infrequency (1x/month, May-Oct.)Strengthssocial placelocationsize of site (43.65 acres)broad shoulder entranceexposurefriendlycleanease of recyclingstaffsingle streamreusable items drop-off spotSwap DaysExternalOpportunitiesNRRA (Northeast Resource Recovery Association)recycling marketsnew technologiesnew MRFs (material recovery facilities) and PRFs (plastics recovery facilities)volunteers in towngrants (from NRRA, and elsewhere)alternative energy incentiveslocal talent, wisdom, ability, and determinationeducation through Andover Elementary/Middle School and Proctor AcademyThreatschanging marketsglobal waste trendsenergy costsecological footprintlandfill closuresincinerator closureMRF closureprice spikes for trashChinese marketsFederal, state, and local regulationsPrivate haulers/recyclers