Under Armour SWOT

Under Armour SWOThttps://bstrategyhub.com/swot-analysis-of-under-armour-2019-under-armour-swot-analysis/BackgroundBasic InfoCEOKevin PlankYear founded1996HeadquarterMaryland, USANumber of Employees15,000Strengths – Internal Strategic FactorsWeaknesses – Internal Strategic FactorsOpportunities – External Strategic FactorsThreats – External Strategic FactorsProducts & ServicesRunning shoes | Golf shoes | Training shoes | Hoodies | Backpacks and bags | Golf shirts Football gear | Hiking boots | Basketball shoes | Polo shirts | Gym Bags | Sports bra | Gym and training tops | Running shorts | Short sleeve shirts | Caps | Football boots | SleepwearCompetitorsFun FactDid you know that the CEO Kevin Plank started the business in his grandmother’s basement?Nike | Adidas | Reebok | New Balance | Converse | Puma | Bata | Umbro | Woodland | Liberty Shoes | FilaPortfolioUnder Armour’s broad product portfolio has strengthened its standing. The company is not dependent on one specific product. Its establishment has not limited itself to only footwear but has also incorporated apparel, accessories, etc. The extensive product line eliminates the risk of failure. It also ensures a high sale ratio and continuous growth of the company. The revenue from 2016-2017 for apparel was 67%, while for footwear it was 21%.Distribution NetworksUnder Armour has amazed investors with its accelerated growth in the market. It was made possible due to its creative strategy of operating through multiple distribution networks. 65% of its revenue was accumulated through wholesale distribution, whereas 31% was gathered through direct consumer sales. The company currently sells its products in some countries through licensing. These operational modifications have continued to expand the brand globally.Adoption of Digital AppsUnder Armour has adapted digital transformation with apps like MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal (calorie and nutrition app), and Endomondo (fitness app maker). This has enhanced its revenue potential, allowing it to diversify its resources and continue its transformational industrial potential.Brand RecognitionUnder Armour has been voted as being the world’s 5th most valuable business brand in the year 2017. It’s brand recognition has allowed it to develop authenticity and trustworthiness much like Nike. This erases any doubts for its investors who are now investing in the company aggressively.Limited Operating PresenceThe company is still relatively new with a limited operating presence in the international markets. 83% of its revenue is gathered from its North American branches which makes it entirely dependent on the American markets. It has yet to expand and generate the same revenue in the International markets. This is necessary to sustain the company’s growth.High Investment ExpenditureUnder Armour has taken a risk with its high investment expenditure in the past three years. In the last two years, it spent about $847, 477,000 and $153, 312,000 respectively. Its restructuring plan for 2017 has added to the spending with more expenses to follow. This investment is positive if it generates more revenues. However, it does limit its ability for new acquisitions and generating more revenue is still questionable.Introduce New ProductsUnder Armour prides itself in its innovative The products it has conceived since its inception have been technologically advanced. This gives it the leverage to continue the trend of offering better products with necessary modifications. An extension in its product line will attract more consumers and prove beneficial for the company in the long run.CollaborationUnder Armour collaboration with stores such as Kohl’s began in 2017 when Kohl’s started selling its merchandise. The cooperation proved to be a success according to Kohl’s CEO, Kevin Marshall. While many well-established department stores like Dillard’s and Macy’s sell Under Armour products, there are retailers like J. C. Penney that do not showcase the brand. Under Armour should consider more collaborations and partnerships to enter more markets in the future and grow its revenue accordingly.International MarketsInternational markets have much scope for Under Armour to generate more sales and get new customers. The company’s sales grew by 57% in the second quarter of 2017. This figure guarantees a promising future.Political PolarizationThe company was involved in a recent controversy because of the Trump administration. CEO Kevin Plank initially supported President Trump only to withdraw when his actions resulted in public This controversy has not subsided for the company and has threatened its working ability in the face of political polarization.Increased CompetitionIts major competitors Nike and Adidas have higher brand recognition and better operational experiences overseas. This has helped them to gain a stronger customer base that could threaten Under Armour’s working ability in the future.Product CapabilitiesUnder Armour’s chin straps and athletic cups have been criticized by experts to cause potential athletic injuries. Any form of inflicted injury by these products could damage the brand’s reputation and drive away endorsements.